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-- from Travelers, Magicians and Shamans (Danny Paradise)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

About Olga Kharitidi

As I finished Olga’s book “Entering the circle”, I did a quick search on internet because I was curious of what she was doing these days. I thought that others in the group would be interested in knowing what she has become.

She now lives and works in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She published another book “The Master of Lucid Dreams”, about her experiences in Samarkand, ancient capital of Uzbekistan (apparently in the same vein as “Entering the circle”).

Here name is now Olga Yahontova and she has just created Cliffhouse Publications; there is not much on the website yet, including on her blog “Breaking the Walls”, created on 06/09/2008. So all of this is fairly new. She posted two articles since then, one on practicing magic today, the other one on addiction. Still to see what will come. For some reason, I have felt sad and uneasy reading what she is now writing and looking at her picture on the website, as if something had happened to her in the meantime. In one of her posts, she writes “After years of extreme experiences and searching, I have found nothing. No concepts, no recipes, no solutions, no mysteries solved. I have arrived at this point in my life with more confusion, bewilderment, and amazement for life and its riddles than I ever had before. And I like it. Because all of those things - concepts, solutions, and resolutions are truly just the building blocks of more walls inside the mind…” Maybe it is just the way it should be.

For those interested in having a look at her blog:


Anonymous said...

thank you so much fro your researches... I wanted to communicate with Olga to ask her a piece of advice about contacts in order to plan a future travel experience to SIberia, hoping to meet the wonderful people she met and she describes in her novels... Beatrice (Italy/Tuscany)

Anonymous said...

I had a similar impulse upon finishing both her books - finished the 2nd one yesterday. Very intense. My feeling on her website is mixed as well. On the one hand - a great idea and feels "cozy" in a way, on the other hand I feel a distancing from Olga, as though she wants to reach out but whether anyone can get close? Yes, we're all in our processes and it's good that she is where she is and we are where we are, and connection is happening. Integration as well. Warm greetings, Rebecca Noelle (eastern Germany)

Art said...

I am of Siberian descent, first generation in the USA. I have read Kharitidi's books and have enjoyed them tremendously. Much of her writing reminds me of stories and experiences my Mother and Grandmother would tell me. I am of Shamanic descent and have had many spiritual experiences that many would consider extraordinary. I have spent much of my life seeking answers from the scientific community to explain my experiences. Through my research I have developed a method I call "evidence based spirituality". Using urine and saliva and some basic laboratory analysis techniques, one can obtain a spiritual map/blueprint of our life, past/present/future; or as I call it "the signature of the soul". Yes there are answers to every question - one simply needs to know the right questions to ask. The common mistake made is we seek the answers outside of ourselves, when every answer lies within. Jung said: Who looks outside dreams, who looks within awakens. I would be most excited to share my research with anyone interested and work with you to discover what your blueprint looks like and what messages lie within you that you are waiting to discover. Please feel free to contact me: drv@iamu.us

Anonymous said...

for people without access to the cd "entering the circle" ....


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say thank you for posting information on Olga Kharitidi. I read "Entering the Circle" many years ago while living in Holland and found it fascinating. Recently I wondered how I could have misplaced such a great and inspiring book. blessings on your day. Susan (Canada)