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What is a SHAMAN?

MAYAN: "a technichian of the Holy, a lover of the Sacred." CELTIC: "Empower the people...by changing the way we think." MEXICAN APACHE: "Someone who has simply learned to give freely of themselves..." AUSTRALIAN ABORIGINAL: "...a teacher or healer, a wisdom keeper of knowledge... (who) takes people to a door and encourages them to enter." W. AFRICAN DIAGRA: "views every event in life within a spiritual context." HAWAIIAN: "...human bridges to the spiritual world and its laws and the material world and its trials..." QUECHUA INDIAN: "embodies all experience." AMAZON: "...willing to engage the forces of the Universe...in a beneficial end for self, people, and for life in general."

-- from Travelers, Magicians and Shamans (Danny Paradise)

Monday, May 5, 2008

To Fly on Eagle's Wings

Our last time together, we all were gifted with an Eagle feather. I have been wondering about eagle medicine and have done a bit of reading from Ted Andrews. The following struck a cord in my heart. I didn't realize the how profound eagle medicine can be.

"To align oneself with eagle medicine is to take on the responsibility and the power of becoming so much more than you now appear to be. From a karmic aspect, it reflects that the events will now fly faster, and the repercussions for everything you think, do or say (or fail to think do or say) positive and negative-will be both stronger and quicker.

To accept the eagle as a totem is to accept a powerful new dimension to life, and a heightened responsibility for your spiritual growth. But only through doing so, do you learn how to move between worlds, touch all life with healing, and become the mediator and the bearer of new creative force within the world."

Wow! Thank you Hears the Trees! We ARE ready
Blessed be,
Truth on the Wind


Rainbow Warrior said...

I must add my immense gratitude to Hears the Trees as well for this sacred gift.

Thank you also to Truth on the Wind for the great quote. It was a very insightful piece on the energy of Eagle. Since receiving the feather from Hears the Trees, I've used it as one of my shamanic tools to clear negative energy during self-healing sessions. I also felt guided to use it in ceremony to bring Spirit more swiftly on Eagle's wing to the things I am working to manifest. I have to agree with once we call on Eagle to be an ally, karma is definitely swift and powerful.

Allowing the light said...

I have also gradually developed a relationship with the feather, involving it systematically when smudging people at the beginning of a healing session and also when I feel like she/he/they (I just tend to call the feather "you") can help taking a blockage out of the person (it is not necessarily a blockage; I don't really "think" about what I am doing in those circumstances, I just follow Spirits' instructions as they come and I know that they like the feather). But that quote really opens up new dimensions for me. And I want to work more on this, understanding that indeed it also gives responsibilities.
Thanks to Hears the Trees, Truth on the Wind and Rainbow Warrior (how could we fail with such a beautiful combination!)

walksinsacredspace said...

I had been praying for the gift of an eagle feather. Hoping to find one, or be directed to one on my nature walks. I was aware of the eagle's healing power, the symbolisim of bridging two worlds...heaven and earth. My heart burst open when you generously shared the feathers. Each feather reverently received by the apprentice who would be best served with such a gift. Many thanks for years to come from my heart to you, Hears the Trees.