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-- from Travelers, Magicians and Shamans (Danny Paradise)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

More On Water

This is from an EXCELLENT resource for the five elements, Feng Shui, and using the elements in healing. All apprentices should learn all they can on the elements, and this is a great place to learn them. You can sign up for the six part class on the law of attraction and the elements, free by email.


Water (Hydor in ancient Greece) is primarly cold and secondarily wet. Water is an element of endless moods and tremendous power: the crashing surf, the gentle mountain stream, the flood which destroys everything in its path. The story of Water is a fascinating tale of plots, subplots, life and death.

The amount of water on the earth is fairly constant. What changes is its purity, its vitaliy and its location. Water will be in one of four spots: on the surface of the earth, below the surface of the earth, in the atmosphere and in organisms. 97% of all water is in the ocean, and of the remaining 3%, 2.94% is captured in glaciers and polar ice caps. Usable drinking water represents .06% of all the water on the planet. Its journey from ocean to land begins with the Sun's energy evaporating ocean water, creating clouds and weather systems. Some of these systems travel over land, where water changes again, into either liquid or solid precipitation. This will either be trapped in an ice cap, run back to the ocean or find its way into the water table.

The groundwater cycle is of key importance to the vitality of water, and this little known aspect of water is crucial to the health of our species and this planet. Vital or "living" water contains a spin that is imparted to by the the geomagnetic field of the earth in the hydrological cycle. If this cycle is disrupted or its benefits comprimised before the water reaches us, the water will be "dead". At a microscopic crystalline level there is a profound difference between vitalized water and water that has gone through city pipes. The living water is ordered into beautiful geometric arrays, while the the dead water crystals are relatively chaotic.

The platonic solid associated with Water is the icosahedron, a 20 sided polyhedron whose faces are equilateral triangles in the case of a regular icosahedron. Bearing in mind that the association of water and the icosahedron was made 2300 years ago in ancient Greece, ponder this. Recent research by Martin Chapin, professor of Applied Science Water and Aqueous Systems Research of London South Bank University has demonstrated that water molecules can arrange themselves in different configurations based on the icosahedron. The most interesting of these configurations is one that consists of 13 smaller icosohedrons and 1820 total molecules. It is this "supericosahedral" array that supports living water, by resonating with the fundamental energy, Chi, or what modern phisics would call zero point imploding energy. Water is literally a medium of the energy of life. Your body which is more than 2/3 water, is animated by Chi conveyed through highly structured water which science has recently shown exists in a biological cells.


She.Who.Remembers said...

Thanks! Wow! Ocosohedrons! Water being the element closest to my heart, I have also done some reading on the works of Masaru Emoto "The Power of Water". I am definitely going to participate in the six part series and I am soooo very much looking forward to our water retreat!

shewhofacesspirit said...

Yes, Masaru Emoto's " the power of water" is very interesting indeed. It makes me think of the power we have with our thoughts that we can charge the water within ourselves which is quite powerful since we are 70% water. It is estimated we create 64,000 thoughts a day, so in every moment you have a choice do you choose fear or love?