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What is a SHAMAN?

MAYAN: "a technichian of the Holy, a lover of the Sacred." CELTIC: "Empower the people...by changing the way we think." MEXICAN APACHE: "Someone who has simply learned to give freely of themselves..." AUSTRALIAN ABORIGINAL: "...a teacher or healer, a wisdom keeper of knowledge... (who) takes people to a door and encourages them to enter." W. AFRICAN DIAGRA: "views every event in life within a spiritual context." HAWAIIAN: "...human bridges to the spiritual world and its laws and the material world and its trials..." QUECHUA INDIAN: "embodies all experience." AMAZON: "...willing to engage the forces of the Universe...in a beneficial end for self, people, and for life in general."

-- from Travelers, Magicians and Shamans (Danny Paradise)

Friday, April 18, 2008

Healing Essence Level Of Story

I wanted to put this in a section by itself so others can easily find it. I've also made a few clarifications....

Levels of story, and we heal at essence level:

Story: A person is given two bottles of water, one from the pure runoff of an ancient volcano. The other, blessed by a holy monk known to pray 20 hours a day.

Possible Symbols: container, water, intermediary, purity of nature, prayer, purity of spiritual life, lava.

Essence: Powerful, clear nourishment of what we are all made of as a blessing/offering. Those essences are needs of everyone. They bypass the judgement (prayer, bottled water, etc...) of the story, and even the hidden prejudices of symbolic interpretation -- "something is about to erupt in your life, you need to go to a mountain to heal, you were a monk in a past life, etc......:-)".

Healing at the essence level bypasses all that can get hung up, and since there is nothing to get stuck on, releases the fullness of the life force/chi within the symbol.

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