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-- from Travelers, Magicians and Shamans (Danny Paradise)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Does An Apprentice Require More Sleep?

I don't know about all of my classmates, but I seem to be requiring much more sleep and rest then normal. Is it all the processing and practice on restructuring my intake and output mechanisms? Is it the reshaping, resizing and polishing of the lense? Is it the finetuning my filtration system? Is it the renovation of my house and the moving process within - moving into the other side as Robin puts it? Is it the daily dance between the soul and the ego? Is it dropping the story to be able to witness and work for others and the community?.......
OK, I'm getting that it is all of the above for me right now.
Thanks for listening.....time to rest.

peace AWR


Still Waters said...

That's interesting.. how long have you felt like this? I've really been sleeping a lot the past 3 weeks or so.. and just figured something in life was wearing me down. Your ideas make more sense though. Thanks!

ancientwindrunner said...

Yes, last 2-3weeks.
Perhaps diving into the process deeper.

hearsthetrees said...

I often feel the need for more sleep and a strong resistance to getting up in the early spring. Especially once the time changes again. I have noticed that this is especially strong after our gatherings (lots of internal shifting going on).

Heart of The Mother said...

My sleep patterns vary from mostly sleeping thru the night to falling asleep easily and awakening between 2-4 am. Sun-Mon night was especially bright here in the hollow. As the moon called to me to awaken and bathe in it's beauty.

Truth on the Wind said...

AWR: I think all that you have described takes an enormous amount of energy. It's a lot of work that we all are doing. Not to mention the requirement of walking in Ordinary Reality as well, which takes enough energy on its own. Thanks for sharing though. I also feel the need for extra rest.

Peace to your Heart

shewhofacesspirit said...

I feel whenever there is internal work and calibration that the body,mind,soul needs more rest. At times I think it is for us to get out of the way so that things may be processed. Sometimes work is going in the dreamstate as well...have you ever felt that? When you awake in the morning only to want to go back to bed because it felt as if you were working all night, which you might as well have been, learning from your guides.
There is allot going on with the planet and people so I am not surprised. it has taken me many years but I now heed my bodies warnings that if I need to rest I rest. Self care is extremely important.


fearless.woman said...

I have had the experiene of being sick a lot. It could be processing, it could be denial of needed rest, it could be my 3 y.o. client who coughs in my face and drips a lot - I invariably feel terrible 2 days after each of her sessions. But I have been sleeping more, and feel worse if I can't. My guides have suggested wheat - free, dairy-free, and I do feel better and more alert when I follwo their mandate. I am making more space for self-care in my life, and I know that I need it. I think everyone will have his or her own variation, bu I suggest listening or journeying for what you need.