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-- from Travelers, Magicians and Shamans (Danny Paradise)

Monday, March 24, 2008

Checking Your Baggage

I brought more than I thought I had to this Apprenticeship program. Reading Mutant Message Down Under made it apparent to me. I knew from my earlier acquaintence with thiws work that it was controversial and that the author had been discredited in her claim that the events depicted had actually taken place. I was prepared to scoff at the book, and so I did. . . until my guides started talking to me while I was driving, until they insisted that I only wear black, until they made pithy comments on my diet, and made their own demands in that area - only because my health was affected by my weight. I work in a mental health clinic, and you can bet that people notice changes - what am I supposed to say . . . "the voices told me to do this"? I'd be either fired or committed on the spot! I kn ow where I got my demand for "truth", but it's part of my history now, an old story. How do I know that the autor was not faced with the same dilemna? It matters most that she had truths to tello. Did she journey, did she channel, did her guides grab her on the road too? Look for the message and judge by that.

Was there an Emerald tablet? Was there a mummified Hermes? I could care less. I know that this is ancient wisdom that shaped the European, Asian, and Indian mystical traditions. That's what counts.

Now, I look at what I bring to a book. If it prevents me from judging it on its own merits, if it keeps me from finding and appreciating what is true (without too open a mind, so my brains don't fall out, the n I look for my story, and leave it there before page one.


hearsthetrees said...

When we are open to possibility, we allow the truth to be heard. That truth might be very different from what others see, hear, or feel but every bit as real.

I was at a lecture last week and the judgment of the “scientific” mind was very hard for me to take. I see the need for us to be discerning, seeing “truth” from “fiction” but I have found that truth can be known (felt) long before it is “proved”. Some of our greatest minds in history felt the true answer long before they could prove it.

shewhofacesspirit said...

Well said , especially the line "Some of the greatest minds in history felt the true answer long before they could prove it."
I am seeing that today with working with a group of people how different everyone sees,hears and feels, yet to all of us it is real; and how fast those perceptions can change.

ancientwindrunner said...

Great topic!!
We all have baggage.
Some checked some not.
The Many Faces of Baggage:
"Checking into" our baggage.
Leaving our baggage.
Forgetting our baggage and turning around
to pick it up again.
Picking up someone else's baggage.
Recycling our baggage.
Old baggage/mature baggage.
Antique/dusty/past life baggage.
New baggage.
Unclaimed baggage.
Baggage trade ins.
Tattered bagage.
Toxic baggage.
Fashion baggage.
All of the above!
(and many more, I'm sure!)

Cheez the ego has lots of Luggage!

Noticing the bags, seeing the individual pieces and having the courage to open and release their contents, is a trip full of self dicoveries and growth.
-May Spirit and Inner Strength be you Guides!

Through Awareness We Encounter the Divine.

Heart of The Mother said...

Recently on the news, a man found a rattlesnake in either his or someone else's baggage. (I didn't get the entire story) Yes, lots of possibilities can be found in that baggage.