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-- from Travelers, Magicians and Shamans (Danny Paradise)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Tribal Life

So... My Tribe meter is low. As I thought about what this meant to me and what actions I was taking I realized that I was just sitting back and waiting for the tribe to form into this nice, tight knit family. So I guess I owe everyone a little bit of an apology!!

This path is huge to all of us and unless we clone Robin several times over.. there's not enough of her to go around :-) My thought is that as we're each experiencing our own paths, it would be nice to reach out to our tribe (yes, that' s all of you!) and gain insight and other views as to what Spirit might be presenting. If I'm off here, please just let me know. It's amazing to me to think that our tribe consists of some amazing people! what better group to share with :-)

I will be doing my best, moving forward, to reach out to each of you in an attempt to get to know you better. After all, 4 or 5 weekends this year (although awesome!) just isn't enough to really get to know everyone. I would even throw out there that we arrange some gatherings on our own.. either to practice/discuss our path or to just enjoy the presence of each other.

When I think of our group after the year.. I think that we're building life long friendships that we can reach back on in the future. Well, we're already half way through February.. the year will be done before we know it!

So, I know this is an odd post.. but one that I feel is important.

~ Still Waters


ancientwindrunner said...

Thank You Still Waters.

I am very honored to be among this group of apprentices aka learning & practicing shamans. I look forward to each experience to be shared!


She.Who.Remembers said...

Thank you for your post Still Waters! I share your seniments. Although life has been chaotic lately and many aspects calling for attention, I strongly came to the realization that this year will only be what I make of it.

I have shifted gears, reset priorities and now intend to contribute to the best of my ability and stretch myself even further. Really put myself out there.

I think extra gatherings would be a great idea!

I too am looking forward to getting to know everyone much better and building those life long friendships.

~ She Who Remembers

Robin Rice said...

Hi everyone... this is a great idea. We can do some journey nights here if you want, though it will leave out those at a huge distance most likely :-(. But the more gatherings the better. Hugs, Robin

Truth on the Wind said...

Thank you Still Waters. I am feeling the same distance. Time has a way of slipping away too fast, and you are right, before we know it, the year will be over. I would love to try for extra gatherings.

If anyone is interested in visiting the sacred Hudson River Valley, you have a place to stay!


hearsthetrees said...

The more the merrier! I welcome sitting with each of you as often as possible. however, we can also be just as unified, just as close and warm, even across the distance, by opening our hearts from within our own "little" circle. opening, reaching out and embracing the true essence of those in this tribe. In this way you are all beside me. :-)

Allowing the light said...

Thank you all!

I do feel also the need of supporting each other more in that apprenticeship. For me, it is different from making lifelong friends (although this is nice too!); it is really about supporting each other in very concrete ways in that very special apprenticeship, in that initiation process which we don't know how it is going to unfold for each of us. Supporting each other when we feel soooo stretched, when we don't know where we go, when we feel we don't have time or opportunity to find our ways as we are immersed in our mudane life to try to make a living and finance that transition, when we cry out to spirits wishing they could speak a clearer language (by the way: why don't they ever talk to me in my mother tongue???), etc.

Each of us, at different times, will feel a need for a different kind of support. May I suggest that we continue to express both what we would like to receive & give to the tribe beyond our regular WE and trip to Ecuador (that will be something for sure!)?

Here are my offers/demands:

- ad hoc gatherings to practice/discuss for people who leave close to each other; ex: three of us leave in or very close to DC, we should be able to arrange something like once a month or every two weeks if you feel it to be feasible; if something is organized in the Annapolis area one evening, we could drive their together and share the cost; JoAnn's invitation to the sacred Hudson River Valley is more than tempting... I travel to NYC at least once a month for work but it is so packed that combining the two might be difficult; but if several of us are interesting, we could arrange a trip by car or bus (very cheap) on a WE; I know that Jackie is farther away from us; what would you like Jackie?

- journeying for each other: I was very grateful to the person who asked me to do that; it was an honour and a great way to learn as I could talk about it with Robin afterwards; I would love doing that or other forms of healing (hand on healings for instance) as I don't have many other opportunities to "practice" so far; we could trade modalities as we did during the WE; the good thing with the journey is that we don't need to be physically in the same place...

- crying out for help on the blog when I feel like...

So let's do it!

What about a DC or Annapolis informal gathering in the next two weeks?

Let me know who is interesting, I can help organize something!

A big collective hug (we all have arms and heart large enough to embrace the whole tribe at once!) B & ATL

ancientwindrunner said...

Now We're Trib'n!!

Expressing needs - wants - desires!

There are many ways to go with this, as far as, holding space(close or some where out there) for each other. Making contact either way is key.... and communication IS happening here right NOW - even with Mercury Retrograde on the way out!!!

I had originally invisioned some one-on-one time and small group gatherings, as connections take place naturally.
I would be interested in meeting once on the off months, as an informal gathering.

We are now beyond midway to intensive weekend #2 and I am more inclined to do something closer until we all meet again.
I am only one hour from Annapolis. I'm also game for drifting to the north...AND even when the weather calls to spingtime and warmer days, a road trip to the far north would be refreshing!!


PS - T'was a beautiful sunset this eve...with the full moon approaching.

Robin Rice said...

How's this Saturday night at the ranch in Annapolis (i.e. tribal grounds here)? Potluck dinner and journey, something like 6-9? Otherwise, Fri the 29th would likely work, though would have to confirm with my sweetie! Robin

ancientwindrunner said...

Thank You 'O Tribal Leader!!

I'm in for Sat 2/23...if my container is open and ready.

Hand count and check tomorrow eve at the phone conference??

Off for R & R....
Nite & Sweet Dreams!

Allowing the light said...
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Rainbow Warrior said...

I was having the same thoughts myself about this tribe and wanting to spend more time together. Who better to share our triumphs as well as our frustrations during this year of initiation?

Unfortunately, I won't be able to get together this weekend, as I will be helping my nephews celebrate their 8th and 9th birthdays in NY. But I can make the 29th!

ancientwindrunner said...
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Robin Rice said...

Let's talk on the phone tonight...

Just thinking...the blog is not the best place for getting into details of our meetings...should use regular email. Especially because many in the class are not here too often. This is going to be up forever so let's keep it for others to have as a resource, not more detailed our communication. To be clear...it is good to talk about the topic of tribal needs here, but maybe not so on detailed dates, etc... I can go in and erase later, but want to keep that to a minimum. Hugs, Robin

walksinsacredspace said...

Yes to all ways of communication, support and guidance for this year long tribal journey. Already I feel like I'm white water rafting a swollen river with swift currents in the spring time. When do I navigate and when do I let go to experience Spirit's teachings?

walksinsacredspace said...
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Night Sings said...

I share an interest in better knowing my fellow tribe members. While more time might help, I think we may need to think more about the nature of our tribe's soul and purpose-- to develop a collective definition of the tribe and wisdom. To do this, it might help to set aside time at one gathering to creatively go into our individual histories, passions, aspirations. To draw out the roots, branches, soil, water, and sunshine of our individual stories. It may be because I am the late comer, but I know so little about each of you, which makes it hard for me to envision a functional tribe.

I may also have to be prepared to accept that the apprenticeship is designed for us to have a looser affiliation in order to enhance our learning. By knowing too much about each other, are we diminishing our intuitive acuity and our ability to train with each other? Robin mentioned that it is better not to know too many details with some exercises or to not work with people we know closely, and we will often not have much information to go by when being approached by those in need.

That being said, if we are to discover each other's niche and find our way forward as a tribe, like the Real People, it's useful to not just sense but really know the colors and shades of our identities and how they fit together in the strand of life energy we're weaving through this experience. If it makes sense to form a closer tribe, I propose that we do more with team building and information sharing at our next weekend gathering? What do you think?

fearless.woman said...

I would also be interested in becoming closer to my tribe members. All of us are approaching this path from different directions with different interests and with different ideas of how we will live and work with the knowledge and experience we are acquiring. The tribe seems to have unusually creative folks in it, with a richeness I, speaking for myself, would love to be able to savor more. I would not hesitate to travel wherever, whenever for such opportunities. Fearless Woman