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What is a SHAMAN?

MAYAN: "a technichian of the Holy, a lover of the Sacred." CELTIC: "Empower the people...by changing the way we think." MEXICAN APACHE: "Someone who has simply learned to give freely of themselves..." AUSTRALIAN ABORIGINAL: "...a teacher or healer, a wisdom keeper of knowledge... (who) takes people to a door and encourages them to enter." W. AFRICAN DIAGRA: "views every event in life within a spiritual context." HAWAIIAN: "...human bridges to the spiritual world and its laws and the material world and its trials..." QUECHUA INDIAN: "embodies all experience." AMAZON: "...willing to engage the forces of the Universe...in a beneficial end for self, people, and for life in general."

-- from Travelers, Magicians and Shamans (Danny Paradise)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Melody of Grace

Listen... listen
To this voice of air and light
It writes me into motion
Effortlessly slides, Deftly glides
With healing purpose
Following the surface
Into me

Listen... closely
Under layers of my being
This body speaks completely
A universal language
A rippling liquid-luscious correspondence
Molecule and sound
Surround me

Listen to this natural union
Wings above fluttering
Streams that gush belowing
Leaves rustling in between
Oh so gently integrate
Mother Earth-Father sky
Delicate, they move sublimely

Take me...Take me now
Trace me to the source entirely
Inspire me blissfully
Lift me into higher realms
The orbits of awakening
To my senses lead me
Back to sound
To this Melody of Grace

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