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MAYAN: "a technichian of the Holy, a lover of the Sacred." CELTIC: "Empower the people...by changing the way we think." MEXICAN APACHE: "Someone who has simply learned to give freely of themselves..." AUSTRALIAN ABORIGINAL: "...a teacher or healer, a wisdom keeper of knowledge... (who) takes people to a door and encourages them to enter." W. AFRICAN DIAGRA: "views every event in life within a spiritual context." HAWAIIAN: "...human bridges to the spiritual world and its laws and the material world and its trials..." QUECHUA INDIAN: "embodies all experience." AMAZON: "...willing to engage the forces of the Universe...in a beneficial end for self, people, and for life in general."

-- from Travelers, Magicians and Shamans (Danny Paradise)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wisdom from American Mystic, Jeru Kabbal

Each day is a day unto itself
Each breath is a breath unto itself.
Live for that which is truly happening
Not for that which is dead and gone.
Live life as you listen to music
As you hear each note you release it
Making space for the next note
And even though you’re constantly releasing the music that you hear
You still hear the melody, you still hear the majesty, you still hear the harmony
And so it is with life.
Let it flow through you
Don’t try to hold it fast.
And above all
Don’t hold old memories for these are dead and deadening
Trust existence, trust life, trust yourself.

-Jeru Kabbal

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